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Our aim is to empower Individuals; enabling them to achieve their potential in all areas of life. Our team strives towards making this a reality through all touch points be it workshops, programs, talks, online courses or 1:1 counselling sessions.The centre founded in July 2013 is a place for every individual to identify their potential to grow and prosper.So far, Building blocks of life has enriched the lives of more than 1000 individuals and counting.

“Our Vision at Building Blocks of Life: To EMPOWER individuals; Enabling them to achieve their potential in all areas of life.”

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You all were excellent in your explanation of what are your goals and how to keep it alive, excellent use of jigsaw puzzle to drill down the point. Just in 3 mins exercise she was able to understand personality traits
Corporate workshop
Thank you Ami and Manali. You are a good team and happy to spend time and professional help which I received. I am happy for my child...
The workshop was excellent. I got some ideas to teach children which I had been struggling for the way.
Teacher Workshop
Start at an early age from pregnancy in connecting with your child. Overall class was good. Good information given with supportive documents /videos. Liked the advice and recommendation for the children bring up
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