Our vision at BBOL is to empower Individuals enabling them to achieve their potential in all areas of life. Our team strives towards making this a reality through all touch points be it workshops, programs, talks, online courses or 1:1 counselling sessions.

The centre founded in July 2013 is a place for every individual to identify their potential to grow and prosper.

So far, Building blocks of life has enriched the lives of more than 1000 individuals and counting.

Ami Doshi

Ami, the founder of BBOL, wears many hats with élan; a Counsellor, Parenting Coach, Life Skills Trainer. Her goal is to enable individuals to reach their full potential and transform their lives. In her 15 years of experience she has enriched more than 1000+ lives.
Whether she’s working in a corporate environment, a school or giving 1:1 sessions, her personalized approach makes her extremely effective. Being a master of techniques like Brain Dominance, Guided Play-way Method, Law of Attraction, her trainings and sessions are interactive and have long lasting impact.
As a Parenting Coach she helps parents understand the intricacies of a child’s mind and emotion. She also equips parents with necessary tools such as attitudes, vocabulary to effectively interact with children. While as a Corporate Coach, she has worked intensively with startups and corporate teams to establish effective communication, trust and importantly a bond of fellowship that propels teams to work towards a common goal.

Ami believes in bringing out the best in each family !

Manali Mehta

Manali, a Counsellor and Therapist by profession applies various forms of therapies for bringing a positive transformation in people’s lives. With more than 8 years experience, she creates an environment that empowers one to be the leader of his/her own life. A certified Handwriting Analyst, who uses the skill to get a deep insight into a person’s personality and brings out the best in all the areas. She also uses this tool to identify health issues and as a means to cure as well (Diabetes, Thyroid, Cysts, Fibroids, Blood Pressure, Spondylitis, Chronic Gastric issues, etc.).  Manali uses the powerful technique of Goal Setting to guide people in visualizing their maximum potential and how to achieve it all for a happy, successful life.
Expert in the field of Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnosis, Developmental Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Health Psychology she is able to reach the root cause, heal it and fix it permanently instead of just the superficial manifestations of the actual issue. With the application of the science of NLP & Body Language she is able to easily relate and gain trust of clients making it very easy for them to open up.
Manali Mehta believes in working holistically at the Body, Mind and Soul level for a Happier living!


When you visit us at our office, it is Pushpa’s smiling face that will greet you.
Pushpa is our most diligent team member who loves to do things with perfection. She handles everything; from the receipts to the setup of the place for a workshop; all the  details are covered by her for an effective performance of the trainers.

She ensures a quality check of each game and takes responsibility for maintaining the hygiene  of Building Blocks Of Life.

She loves being with kids and ensures each parent and client to be free for the session. An ever happy person to be with.

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