Parenting Partners

A unique Parenting program for all parents

Every child born on this planet is born Genius. The child has maximum potential to be a Leonardo da Vinci or an Einstein or also create his/her own identity on the world. The way the life of a child is shaped is all dependent on the child’s upbringing in the initial 12 years after his birth. We at Building Blocks of Life bring a parenting program for all parents wishing to bring out the potential in the child and develop the mind and heart of the child to deal and face the life as the child grows.

Session Overview:

The 12 session program is held weekly once and helps parents gain an insight into the world of children; their aspirations, reason behind their behavior and thoughts. In the workshop the participants will learn about different parenting styles, how families work, whole brain development, beliefs, feelings, how to create habits, self esteem building, thinking skills, learning styles and disciplining.

Who can attend:

The workshop is suitable for parents, teachers, day care professionals, grandparents and others who are in contact with children on a daily basis.

Take Aways from Parenting Partners:

  • Communication techniques
  • Perspective on parenting
  • Positive parenting
  • Build long lasting life skills
  • ‘Yes’ Parenting


Start at an early age from pregnancy in connecting with your child. Overall class was good. Good information given with supportive documents /videos. Liked the advice and recommendation for the children bring up.
Assertive of confident about the topic. Explains clearly. Session is made interactive.
Good knowledge and fair amount of research. Personal experiences have added value.

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