Personal Counseling

Many people feel the need to talk to people around you. The feeling of having someone who can understand and equip to take independent decisions. When that need is not met from closed ones, a trained professional is required.  Talking to a counsellor is better at such times in comparison to friends or relatives who might be emotionally invested in the situation.

A counsellor gives a birds eye view and shows different perspectives on different issues that we tend to see in one direction.

Session Overview

At BBOL, we give our clients an open non-judgmental place where they can talk about their lives openly. We follow a guided way while counselling as this enables the clients in expressing their disappointments, anger or any other emotions in an effective way and work through them at the same time. Since we look at a problem as a whole, we follow a blend of different modalities like Guided Play-way method, Redikall, Graphology as and when required.

Who can attend:

Any person who is willing to create a change in the way they live their life.

Key takeAways:

  • Take charge of their lives
  • Objectivity
  • View a holistic picture
  • Create a new perspective to address specific goals


A must attend
There is a significant improvement in my child. I had lost hope, but things turned around like magic
Superb results
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