Win-Able : Summer Camp

Win-Able : Summer Camp Workshop

Building Blocks of Life brings Win-Able a fun filled summer camp with a variety of activities from the experts in the field under a huge umbrella. 
A camp to cater to an age group of 3years-14 years.
We know that each child needs something different this summer. So ranging from science based activities to creative crafts to creative dance and theatre camps adding so much enjoyment this summer.
We offer Robotics, Theatre, Aero modelling, Learning Rubik Cube, Making a Jigsaw puzzle, Learn different shlokas, Theatre, practical way of learning science, Juggling balls, Knowing different cuisines and table setting and preparing dishes without fire, fairies and superheroes, story telling sessions for all age groups and much more power packed fun!!!

Who can Attend:

Children from the age of 3-14 years.


I am seeing improvements in my child.
My child loves to attend Win-Able summer camp
There is a significant change in thought process after attending this workshop.
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