Father’s Special

With Father’s Day being a special highlight in the month of June, have you ever wondered
about the intricate duties and results created when a father and child bond? Just the way Mother’s day is celebrated and the role of the mother is much appreciated, the
Father plays a huge role in how a child grows up.
A father/ father figure has a very important role in developing a child’s personality and
the overall growth that shapes the future of the child. The mother’s role creates the base
foundation of a child from the time of conception till the age of 6 and the father’s
unique role begins from the age of 7 till 14. The father’s role in the development of the
child’s personality pertains to how the child deals with the outside world, how the
child relates to social situations, what the child understands of professions and
professionalism, what the child understands about money management and
how to deal with any kind of crisis. A father’s involvement can make the child
blossom in his/her environment while the lack of involvement in these important
years can create issues with this authority figure that can create a chaos in the child’s
mind while dealing with any of those aspects which a father directly or indirectly teaches.

This Father’s Day we encourage all Father’s to begin having some quality time with
your child. It’s time to bond, interact and build a relationship which is valuable for
both – Father and Child. Even if your child has crossed the age of 14, build this relationship
as the Guide to the outer world will always be you – Father.
Listing out a few activities that will allow you to bond and celebrate this special day
and have an amazing year ahead with your child!
1. Play board games or create your own board games. The child and father get a
space of equality and the child gets to see how the father deals with various situations
present through the game. Playing games is a fun way of interacting.
2. Cook a meal together. It’s the perfect way to bond as it allows you to talk and listen,
learn from one another and bounce ideas between one and another to make the meal better.
3. Take a couple of blankets, pillows and chairs and make your own tent. Sit inside
your tent and tell each other stories. This allows both of you to open up and unwind
which builds trust.
4. Doing outdoor, extra-curricular activities is a great way to bond and also enhance life
skills in your child. It works well both ways as the child is learning, so is the parent.
Doing an activity outdoors breaks the daily monotony which brings in a different perspective.
5. Grooming! Deciding what to wear, matching it up allows each of you to be
open, expressive and learn more about style from each other. It allows the space for
open feedback in a non-threatening way and well…both turn out to be stylish which
is required for dealing with the outside world.

These are just five simple tips to build a bond, a connect that allows you to bond
and establish a relationship. You can pick your own day every week(even after father’s day is over) and do activities that imbibe wonderful qualities.

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