Grooming Essentials

Do you put your best foot forward when you step out of the house or do you leave
the house wearing anything and everything possible? Every single time you step
out in front of someone else, you are leaving an impression of what your current
state of mind is. The choice of what you wear and how you take care of yourself
when you are alone is also an idea of how you are feeling mentally and emotionally.
Every time you wear something, the way you carry yourself, the style of representing
yourself plays a bigger role in what you are portraying rather than the words
that come out of your mouth. The content that you convey will only be heard when
people are impressed by what you have to offer in the first look.
You never know when an opportunity for work, networking, making social acquaintances
or love comes knocking. Opportunities do not see whether you have gone
grocery shopping or just for a casual walk. Hence, having certain grooming essentials
in place on a regular basis makes you feel top notch and allows you to look great
which works in your favor. Does it only apply to one gender? No, grooming is a necessity for both genders to create a healthy image. It may seem as a lot of work, but it actually is not.

#EssentialHygiene: This is the most basic requirement for everyone. Keeping a
good hygiene regime is important for an individual to be well turned out. Having a
bath(with a mild soap) on a daily basis keeps the body soft and supple, and clean
as well. While basic hygiene is looked into, do keep in mind that every three or four
days use a good scrub to exfoliate the skinand release all dead skin cells. There may
be days when you do not want to have a shower or you go over dose with the
number of baths. Keep in mind to take care of your body as it will refresh you, rejuvenate
you from the inside out.

#HairSwag: Hair is an essential part of the way an individual presents himself/herself.
From head to toe, people are covered with hair and how you groom each part of
it is going to make you pleasant to look at or not. It is important for men to trim their
beards, moustaches and ear hair if required. It is equally important to choose
a hairstyle that suits the face. The same applies for women; women have more to
look at, to bring their hair swag on. They need to remove unnecessary hair from
over the body depending on the kind of clothes they choose to wear. Choosing a
hair style can depict the image a woman wants to create. Spending time on hair care
is fundamental for all people to have healthy, shiny and soft hair. Getting a hair
spa done every month once triggers the hair for better growth from the roots and
takes care of quality of the hair keeping in mind the pollution that is being dealt with.

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