Judgy Me, Discerning Reality

Good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair are all opinions which each one is filled
with on a daily basis. These opinions make an individual judgmental because of the
comparisons created.
Have you noticed the hypocrisy that people tell you not to be judgmental and be accepting
but then make statements like “That is just bad!” or “Doing it this way is absolutely wrong!”.
What each individual needs to learns is how to be discerning by nature rather than
being judgmental. These may just seem words to you but they can make a huge,
significant difference in your life. Let’s understand the dictionary meaning of the two:
Judgement: “is an opinion or estimate, or criticism, power of comparing or deciding”.
Judgement creates a barrier to feel different from other people…it can be different
superior or different inferior as well. Having a constant state of mind with such
opinions leading you to feel superior or inferior is a highly negative state of mind
influencing your entire flow of life.

Discernment: “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is valid
and necessary, and what is not”. Discernment creates the filter in your system
which allows your instincts to tell you what is good for you that will keep you
safe and protected. At the same time, it filters all information to only give you
facts of the situation which makes you neutral rather than biased.

Now, which do you think is more accepting, uplifting, and balanced?
Keeping in mind the understanding between these two vastly different
concepts which look similar, your automatic next thought process would be “
How do I develop Discernment?
” Let’s understand with a few simple steps.

Clean the Soil: Taking soil as your metaphor, soil can be fertile and enriching or
unproductive and dry or it can be filled with too many worms that can destroy
anything being planted in it. What kind of soil are you? You may wish that you are
the fertile and enriching one, but the truth of the matter is most people are filled with
some worms which destroy your thought processes.
Those worms are your suspicions. Suspicions create doubts and questions
which leaves you assuming things and you step into a judgmental zone.
Tip for ‘Fertile Soil’: When suspicion or doubt or bias creeps into your mind, say
the affirmation “I release all inhibitions and view life as it is”.

Plant it: Sowing new seeds in a now fertile soil is quite important, don’t you think so?
It will create the roots to a new kind of thought process that will allow
you to feel more calm, balanced, channelizing a healthy space for something new to grow.
If you grow a plant that is not best suited to the soil that you are using, then automatically
the plant will grow stunted or die. Keeping that in mind, please build new thoughts that are suitable to your environment and life that you are living.
Tip for ‘Planting’: To create a healthy thought process which is discerning by
nature, say the affirmation “I am flowing with life as life requires”.

Groom It: Once any seed is sown into the ground, it is a duty to nurture it, groom it
by taking care of it so it grows in a healthy fashion. The same applies to your mind.
You may have sown new seeds for your discerning nature to bloom but if you do
not take care of it, it can again wilt and go into another unhealthy pattern you may
have not thought of. Once you have become discerning by nature, keep
emphasis on the facts that you receive, stick to the plan of staying in the flow
rather than thinking about previous circumstances or what the future consequences will be.

Tip for ‘Grooming’: To groom and bloom your new implanted thought process, say
the affirmation “I am in the now with an eagle’s eye”.
While reading this, you may have observed that you are in one of the in between
stages, then just opt for those affirmations otherwise, you can say all three
as a set and see the monumental change in your attitude within days.
Say the affirmations any number of times and whenever you please till you feel a relaxed state
of mind. Enjoy Discerning reality from fiction.

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