Do you know your Child?

Ever wondered how children, born to the same set of parents, just a few years apart, are still so different? Well, the answer lies in understanding children’s inherent personality?

Personality is the dynamic combination of emotions , thinking patterns and behavioural patterns that form an individual’s character. We are born with specific genetic variations that we inherit from our parents. Apart from this, as we grow we are exposed to different cultures, social environments, and familial experiences, which create changes in our innate personalities

It is important to understand the factors that shape our child’s personality development. For, then we can adjust our parenting styles accordingly and provide the right support and environment for her/him.

Here are the five most important variables that affect personality development:

As was mentioned earlier, our natural temperaments are transmitted through our genes. Hence, an introverted child would have either an introverted parent or grandparent. This is because of our inherited DNA and genetic make-up

1. Home is where the heart is. The familial environment plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s personality either positively or otherwise. The different parenting styles that we adopt whether its for disciplining them, communicating with them, their appreciation and expectations from the child …every aspect is important. So is our love, attention to or over protection of our child and our spiritual and cultural beliefs greatly influence the child’s personality.


2. After our homes , schools create are our child’s next critical social environments. After all, the child spends most of her waking hours in the school. At school, children are exposed to many teachers. Their experiences with these different teachers will impact them. There are so many stories of teachers who motivated a child to be their better version – by showing their faith in the potential of the child

Societal Environment

3. Man is a product of his social environment. We live a life that has been shaped by our social heritage. We learn to get conditioned to customs and practices, beliefs and norms that are of our community. Hence our children are raised within the norms of our society too which directly impacts their personality.

Disruptive Childhood Experiences

4. Traumatic childhood experiences such as abuse, extreme neglect, poverty, being in a dysfunctional family, exposure to constant domestic violence, alcoholism, disruptive mental illness or being in a war zone will also impact the personality of a child, perhaps making him/her extremely vulnerable or aggressive.

So, having understood what personality means and the five main factors that impact its development, it becomes easier to determine the personality style of our child.

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