Fulfilling Life

A look into 2011’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara will give you new perspectives that can make any viewer think, re-think, question and find answers regarding the most confusing riddle-LIFE.

Apart from the movie’s declaration that friendship, love and living in the moment is the answers to most problems, a closer look into the characters will reveal that everyone can relate to either or all of the three friends-Imran, Kabir, Arjun.

1.) Each and everyone of us has a defense mechanism of our own so that we can escape life’s many storms. In the movie, Imran, Farhan Akhtar’s character, uses humour to hide his emotions so that he can avoid reality. Kabir, Abhay Deol’s character, uses denial as a classic method to avoid his problems. He lies to himself as well as his friends to avoid the truth that he is unhappy. Arjun, Hrithik Roshan’s character, immerses himself in work to the point that his whole world revolves around his job. His personal life is in turmoil because he cannot give time to anyone or anything but his work.

2.) The movie also makes you question the nature of happiness. Are you happy or merely satisfied? what is the source of your happiness?- is it your work? Do you have a sense of purpose in life or are you filling that void with materialistic things like clothes, food, shoes, cars?

3.) When you look at Abhay and Kalki’s relationship and how it evolved-we see two people who were crazy in love and supportive of each other’s dreams; but somewhere down the line, they got lost. Kalki’s character made her fiance’ her entire source of happiness. She forgot or gave up on her career. How can personal growth take place when one forgets the needs and wants one’s own soul and mind?

4.) Another aspect this movie throws light on is the need to trust the other person in any relationship. Every relationship is based on trust; equally important is to give each other space for some “ME” time. For example Arjun and Laila’s relationship was based on trust and openness.

5.) How important are goals in your life? What is theĀ  nature of your goal? make sure you have goals in every aspect of your life-spiritual goals, professional goals, personal goals.

6.) How do you come to a decision? Do you base it upon instinct, society, or personal benefits. All the 3 characters showed us that they took decisions based upon using only one method and it did not work in their best interests.When they combined instinct, logic, society and personal benefit; life started turning around!

7.) “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move past the fear”. Fear does not have the power to immobilize you; it is nothing but a temporary state of mind- one that you will have to confront.

Revisit this movie and enjoy watching it at a whole new level now. The articles has only covered a few essentials, you can pick up a lot more from this thoroughly enjoyable yet thought provoking movie.

They say that to be lucky in life, one should take more chances. A bucket list- a list of things you want to do, or places you want to visit, things you want to explore- will create a full life.


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