Mind Full or Mindful?

Lets pick up a meditation technique and experiment it in different ways. Practice it to see the results in 30 days.

Vipassana meditation originated from the time of the Buddha. It has been popularized in the recent times by Mahasi Sayadaw and S.N. Goenka. The meditation’s aim is mindfulness of breathing, thoughts, feelings and actions. The method is used to access the current reality and stay in the present moment.

Our little experiment on this meditation showed us that instead of spending hours meditating and observing your breath and body parts(which turns out to be quite stressful), there are some simple activities that can be done on a daily basis to create a similar impact.

Popularly known as mindfulness, the method allows you to be present from moment to moment. You do not miss out on what is happening around you and within you. You become more alert and aware. You do not work from your previous baggage, but are looking at the situation as it is. You start developing rational thinking which eventually supports you in good decision making. Your body starts feeling lighter and a few people see a difference in their health as well.

After understanding the benefits of this wonderful method, you can now focus on little activities that we have come up with for you to be mindful.

1.) Two mindful bites: Each and every time you eat or drink something, the first two bites/sips can be more mindful,Be aware of the taste, the feel, the way it moves down your throat, and how you feel about it. Why start with mindful bites? The body connects strongly with taste, being aware of the kind of flavours you are having triggers the enjoyment hormone in the body. It starts stimulating a happy feeling eventually which spreads across.

2.) A mindful breath each hour: Meditation is not for everyone. Everyone does not have the time or capacity to sit down and close their eyes for 15-20 minutes and focus on their breath. To make it simpler and effective, each hour take one breath very slowly. Let the breath go deep within your lungs, feel how your lungs expand, notice how your head feels heavy for just a moment and release the breath. Observe how the breath leave the body leaving you just a little more relaxed.

3.) Take a mindful moment every two hours: It’s a general tendency to check the phone every 5 minutes or every half an hour! Well, instead of cramming your brain with all the social media buzz, or the updates on your mail, or getting involved in whatsapp; just take a look around you. Observe what is around you for a moment. Look out the window and see how the wind is moving the leaves, or how the traffic is moving, or watch a person going about doing their thing. This actually helps calm the mind as there is no assessment required. It’s just being in the moment which allows other thoughts to fall away.

4.) Air on your skin: This requires you to wear half sleeves or clothes which reveal your skin. Just sit in the open air and see how the air touche your skin and how it feels against your body. This is an experimental method instead of a judgemental one(the mind usually jumps into that mode)

5.) Mindful positives: The human nature tends to dwell on the negative. It’s not really anybody’s fault but it’s been passed on from generations. Everyone develops it while they are kids. While you have to be present at the moment, it is also important that you pick at least one positive mindfully in each task that you undertake. See the shift it creates in your mindset about that task.

6.) Do one action mindfully: Pick one action everyday and do it with complete awareness. Do each step of that action with complete awareness and presence of mind. This will show and teach you how being in the moment increases your efficiency and focus.

Create your own twist and pick different ways of being mindful. These tips work wonderfully and at the end of the month you will feel fresh, excited and happy about the next day.

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