Beat The Blues

It’s that time of the year when it’s raining, your number of activities get restricted, you start feeling frustrated! It is known as the season when depression sets in. People start feeling low, lethargic and unsure of things.

You may wonder why people start feeling this way. The rains actually make you feel all this in different intensities because of certain brain stimulation.It is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder- SAD. Some people get affected by the weather because of less exposure to sunlight and a change in the diurnal rhythms. Psychologically, a person finds limitations in going out, getting exercise and being social.

So, if you are someone who is extremely active and gets frustrated because of the monsoon, or you are someone who knows that you do not enjoy the monsoon and feel low, or you know someone who has SAD then follow the activities suggested below and you will go through the monsoon season with a breeze.

Picnic: Have a picnic in your living room with everyone. Spread a mat, switch on all the lights(feeling of sunlight), switch off the television and have a good time with a few sandwiches and juice. It will give you time with your family and will lighten up the mood even though it is raining.

Play Time: Call all your friends home and instead of having a typical dinner create a theme. Organize chits with different characters and all of you can create a play on the spot. Perfect way to spend a Sunday evening at home while it’s raining. You get to entertain yourself as well as your friends simultaneously enhancing your creativity.

Regime: Create a fitness regime for yourself during the monsoon. Due to the lack of physical activity, you are bound to feel low. Create some exercises or do some dancing on an everyday basis which will uplift your mood.

Yummy, Spicy: Eat foods which have ginger and garlic in them during the monsoon. Even if you have the tendency to avoid spicy food, make sure you have a little bit of spicy food as it will keep your body active. Have foods which are hot as they will create the necessary psychological changes in the body.

Splash: It is not necessary that only children can go out and play in the rains. Instead of fighting or hiding from the rains, go enjoy yourself by getting wet and jumping in the puddles. It will definitely make you laugh or have a good time. If you are someone who does not really like getting wet; open the windows and doors to let the breeze and some rain in. It is important as one tends to coop up and miss out on fresh oxygen which leaves one feeling cranky.

Beat SAD by doing some fun activities which will rejuvenate your mind and body. These were just a few, get creative and find things which will allow you to explore a different side of you. Make this monsoon season a new lifestyle change which will keep you healthy.


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