Affirmations are statements which are repeatedly fed to the mind. Due to repetitiveness of these statements, the brain gets triggered in the direction of what the affirmation means and creates situations or circumstances that lead to success or failure.

For example, if a repetitive affirmation is fed to the brain that “Challenges are a part of life” then the person is going to find constant hurdles to cross over(failure). Instead if the person believes “Life is smooth and effective” then the person will be sailing through life(success). The world is filled with affirmations. Some have a positive impact and others seem to have a negative impact on people.

Once it is understood that a recurring thought/statement can work in ones’s favor or against, make a choice on what kind of affirmations you want your mind to filter.

A nagging negative statement occurs due to certain experiences one faces in his/her environment. When one does not take the learning from a certain ‘bad’ experience, but dwells on hurt, then the person starts having these negative thoughts crawling in their mind. When these negative thoughts are intensified, the vicious cycle repeats itself. When the mid sees it repeating it thrice, it looks at it as a comfortable pattern to continue.

When a positive experience occurs, and the person just takes it on as a mere passing moment, it does not reoccur. Instead in any positive experience or scenario, when one feels ecstatic and cherishes that moment, then it tends to repeat itself and similarly becomes a pattern to continue once the mind i comfortable with it.

When you know how to use affirmations, you get a great tool for achieving success and for improving your life.

There are two kinds of affirmations: healing affirmations and positive thought affirmations. Healing affirmations are ones that work at the root level of any concerned issue to create a shift in your mind-frame to make you feel better, complete and whole. Positive-thought affirmations are ones that you can use at any point of the day, to feel upbeat, happy, enthusiastic. Results are visible and immediate when affirmations are absorbed into your regular routine.

Here is an example- you want to learn how to play a new sport. You are not used to the rigorous physical activity and start getting nagging thoughts about “Am i capable?” Is this possible?”, “What if i am not good enough?” and many more.

Once these negative thoughts start settling into you, you find it difficult to see the results which you wish to; Whereas if you start focusing on “I can do this”, “This is going to be fun”, I am thoroughly going to enjoy this “, “This is easy”, “I am capable” will give you the positive boost and prepare your mind to achieve it in reality.

How to decide affirmations:

1.) Notice the consistent thought patterns that are coming.

2.) Decide what do you want to change it to

3.) Make sure it is in positive present tense

4.) Always start an affirmation with “I”; this way the focus is always on yourself, which will lead to results

5.) Say it for 7 days for 21 times

6.) In the first 3 days, observe if the negative affirmation is coming back-if so, then the impact of the positive affirmation will be slow. In that case, increase the number of times you say it in a day to 42 times

7.) Add your feelings to it with full intensity, and you will see positive results within 24 hours

These are some affirmations to get you started:

  • I am healthy and happy
  • I am calm
  • I see wealth flowing into my house
  • I love and respect myself
  • I have wonderful relationships
  • I study with interest and comprehend quickly
  • I have my thoughts under my control


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