Understand Yourself Better

In each of the following situation, select the one answer nearest to your own.

  1. You have three free hours which you can spend any way you want. You would:

a) go for a walk or do an amusement park

b) visit a friend

c) read a book

d) catch up with odd jobs at home

2. If you were to find some old letters or diaries in your drawer, you would:

a) throw them out

b) keep them with the idea of reading them later

c) consider them to be worth your careful study

d) sit down and read each word carefully

3. You would say that :

a) you make friends very easily

b) you keep friends on an easy come easy go basis

c) you do not care about having friends very much

d) your friends visit home

4. Weather conditions affect your mood:

a) not at all

b) not that you have noticed

c) nearly always

d) intensely

5. When you are invited to a party you usually:

a) try to meet everyone who is there

b) find a certain group whom you like

c) often feel uncertain of yourself

d) compare the environment with your own home

6. When you hear about outer space probes, you:

a) want to be part of the venture

b) enjoy the television news about it

c) think about the adventures of climbing hills on earth

d) think the space probes are a waste of money

7. You think love is:

a) enjoyable and important but only one facet of life

b) less important than friendship

c) tricky and should be viewed with caution

d) all important to life

8. If you wee to plan a vacation according to your own desires, you would choose to:

a) visit several foreign countries

b) go to an elite vacation spot

c) be alone in the mountains, or the desert or the sea shore

d) relax at home


There are no right or wrong answers to the situations. Go back and count the number of times you selected a, b, c or d. You will find that you have checked one letter more often than others. Five or more will place you quite definitely in one category. If your responses were scattered, you are a little bit of many character types, as most people are.

A personalities: In all likelihood you are energetic, capable, outgoing. It could be that you tend to be bossy but you are also considered a leader. You have a strong feeling of responsibility toward those around you and are an ideal traveler. Set backs in life do not break your spirit and you enjoy challenges.

B personalities: you are usually gregarious and good company. You like fun and are usually eager to help others. You probably dislike being alone, perhaps you are a bit self centered and are prone to exaggeration. You tend to express your affections towards people quite freely as you get attached easily which may come across to people as fickle.

C personalities: These characteristics mark the “lone wolf”- the individualist who is often a rebel. There is a tendency to hide your real feelings behind a mask. You dislike change if imposed by others, although you enjoy it when you make them yourself. Many C personalities are creative and and find inner peace more in solitude than in crowds.

D personalities: You are very likely to be happy, self contained and home-loving. You appear cautious and can often be anxious by nature. You like being fair, loyal and are usually influenced by other people’s opinions. You constantly find yourself in situations where you are imposed upon; due to your sympathetic and willing nature you entertain it. You like talking about travel and take a trip once in a while; but you prefer being at home mostly.

Continuing this journey to Understand Yourself Better, the author Sandy Grason has some wonderful insights. She is the author of the book: ‘Journalution- Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Voice and Manifest Your Dreams.’ She believes that journaling helps to connect to your inner wisdom, especially while we live in such a noisy world.

“There are so many voices out there talking you who to be, how to act, what to do.” It also comes in handy when those loud voices are coming from inside. “I have found that your Inner Wisdom whispers and your Inner Critic yells  so you have to get quiet in order to hear your inner wisdom. Journaling is one way to get quiet.

Reading her book gives a great insight into the mind of an individual. It allows the individual to explore their innermost thoughts without really controlling them. It’s a surprise when you realize what starts inking on paper.

The methodology is extremely relaxed with no rules, except for a timer and the question you begin with.

“Conversation with your 99-year-old self.” Pretend that you are 99 year old, very wise and in perfect health. According to Grason, answer the following questions in your journal: “What would you have me know? What should i concentrate on in the coming days and years? What things could i do or experience that would have the most positive impact on my life?”

“I do not want to write about.” This is Grason’s all time favorite prompt. “It’s just another trick to get your sub conscious to let go of ‘protecting’ you from the feelings that are hiding beneath the surface and to let the real you show up on the blank page,” she said.

Set a timer for ten minutes and write anything that comes to you. The goal is to be honest and vulnerable, Grason said. Write about the most difficult thing you can think of, she said. After you’re done you can rip it up. She gave the following examples: ” I do not want to write about how i’m still mad at my mother for….” or “I do not want to write about how i’m afraid that my relationship is falling apart….”

Give it a shot and see the impact of journaling in your life, It’s bound to create a difference. It will allow you to explore your inner thoughts without anybody’s guidance.






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