Healthy Mind for a Healthy Life

The immune system is both a physical and a metaphysical defense system. It is an army of bodies entering the system. It is an army of bodies which circles the body to protect all its boundaries from any kind of endangerment.

It is easy for one to understand how the immune system is important for one at the physical level; at the metaphysical level, the immune system is looked at from the thought level. The army can be strong due to the thought level also even if you are not receiving adequate nutrition. For example, there are a few lower middle class people who just do not fall ill. They are not receiving the right kind of food and they are exposed to all kinds of germs but they do not fall ill. It is because at the metaphysical level they are very clear and hence their boundaries are not stepped on.

The immune system is your physical representation of your energetic/personal/inter personal boundaries.

What are boundaries?

Boundaries are guidelines, rules or limitations created by an individual in which he/she feels comfortable, safe to identify with themselves and shows how another person can be around him/her.

It can also happen when one has developed an intolerance towards certain foods. The rule in the mind says this is not acceptable to me and hence the body reacts with indigestion.

The famous Lousie L.Hay, who is a specialist with metaphysics and diseases says, “of course you are tired of life. You’ve been disconnected from your emotions for a very long time. This pattern usually begins in childhood. At home and in the society, many of us receive the message that its not okay to express certain feelings such as sadness and anger. We suppress or “depress” the so-called unacceptable feelings. We become cut off from our emotional energy and are left with a feeling of disconnection from life. We slow our bodies down and feel we are running on empty.”

When one becomes disconnected with his/her own feelings, the immune system starts becoming weak. If it becomes a permanent rejection, then it leads to auto-immune disorders( your own immune system begins attacking you).

Ask yourselves these questions which will give you an insight whether you have a weak immune system that can trigger certain illnesses in you, or due to which it takes you longer to feel better when you fall ill, or you constantly keep picking acute illnesses.

Do you feel you get used, abused and confused by others?

Do you feel guilty when you say no?

Do you keep taking responsibility for other people unnecessarily?

Do you get involved in other people’s stories and take it as a personal attack on you?

Do you feel you  do not receive the right kind of love?

Do you feel not loved… by others and more importantly yourself?

Do you feel that you have trust issues?

Do you find it difficult to create boundaries around you?

Is there more negative mental talk going on in your mind?

If you have yes to three or more questions, your metaphysical immune system is weak which plays a big role in you falling ill, feeling fatigue, rejuvenation is difficult for you, and all kinds of pains i the body. It will not matter whether you follow an extremely healthy diet and you will take care of yourself as any kind of trigger will create an impact on your body level.

Signs and symptoms of a compromised Immune system

Frequent colds and the flu, lingering coughs, dry skin, chest or sinus congestion, recurring sins infection, insomnia and night sweats, spontaneous sweating, fatigue, low voice, diarrhoea, stomach infections, recurrent pneumonia and yeast infections.

Well, its time to strengthen your immune system. Other than the “Fighter Foods” which will create a difference to your physical immune system, now, the focus is on activities that will boost the metaphysical immune system.

  1. Give yourself an hour of quality time everyday. Focus on an area of you which you feel you have been avoiding or escaping; may it be your fitness regime, or catching up on quality time with family and friends, or catching up on reading, etc.
  2. Learn on how to take on responsibilities that are adding value to your life. Do not take on duties just to be a people pleaser or because you feel burdened by it. Take on duties which build relationships, which make you happier as well. If you feel you do not have a choice but to take on certain responsibilities, then affirm “My responsibilities come with ease and happiness” on a regular basis.
  3. If you find that when anyone is sharing something and you connect it to yourself in the form of a comparison or you feel its always a personal attack on you, then you are ruining your relationships and health! Time to start listening objectively. Listen and just take it as a sharing and move forward with your life.

Follow these 3 simple steps and see the difference it is going to create in your health as well as in your mindset. Your army is going to be happy and excited in taking care of you instead of feeling drained and disconnected. Build a strong immune system to create multi-fold difference in your life.

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