Conversations With The Sins

Everybody commits sins of some kind or the other in their life. Those sins do not define the person until and unless it creates a damaging effect on that person. The act, the circumstances, the reason behind the sin should be viewed with disdain instead of the individual. Just because a person does a bad thing does not make him/her a bad person.

Well, from the religious perspective we are all aware of how a sin is a huge crime and how it effects one’s spiritual goals. Keeping aside all this pressure to be perfect in the eyes of God( which God never asks for) how each of these sins make us human, how each of these sins benefit us need to be understood. Here is an insight from the side of the sin.

This is a story of LIFE. Life has many friends, but some of his friends are looked down upon and rejected. LIFE feels without them his life would have been incomplete. He respects and admires these friends of his. He wants to introduce them to all of you so that you can see what he sees in his friends.

“I believe in myself and my capabilities. I am PRIDE. I believe i can do things well and i know what i am good at. I do not understand why people assume it is a bad thing. When the whole world is trying to drag me down, I keep myself going. When nobody really wants to appreciate what  have to offer, I pull myself up. When things go completely haywire then i still know how to pull myself up out of the situation. Sure, there are times when I go overboard with it. I do definitely tend to spend more time focusing on me, but is that not what spirituality bis all about? You come alone….you go alone. If i want to bring my spiritual levels up, would it not be better if I harness what is good for me?

Think about it, when you actually add me to your life you will find that I am quite useful. You will notice that you are more confident, self assured, secured and can focus on things much better.”

Now that you have met PRIDE, it’s time you get introduced to ENVY. What drives me in life is the fact that I get inspired by what others have. I want to achieve that in my life. I do not want to snatch away what the other has, but i dream and think about getting the same. When i desire what another wants and keep thinking about it; am I not using this world famous process Law of Attraction? It gets me what I want and it also shows how much I appreciate what another individual has. I am ENVY and I am friends with PRIDE. We get along really well. We are able to support each other and drive each other towards accomplishment. Now, do you believe you want to be a little like me? Welcome to ENVY LAND. The land is only meant for people who want more things in life, who want to expand and appreciate others.

ENVY has a close relative called GLUTTONY. ENVY believes if you can understand her, then you are gong to love GLUTTONY. GLUTTONY has one important thing to share—I lie everything larger than life. Why should i live an ordinary life when the universe has given me an abundance of resources? Why do I limit myself and my thinking? Sure, it seems a little too much when I want more of everything, but have you ever thought that it is a driving force, creating new things to satiate me?

You may have felt I am pretty unhappy and never satisfied with things, but without me you cannot feel alive. The need and want to survive comes from me exciting you. Do you want to live a really boring life where you turn away from anything that tempts you, excites you , triggers you, makes you laugh, brings a spark within you? Then I think it’s better that we are not friends.

Passion is how you can describe me. I am LUST. I am passionate and I crave for pleasurable things in life. I enjoy my body and I take care of my body like no other. People think I should be ashamed of myself because I have the capacity to make the opposite sex do what I want. How is that different from controlling another person by giving them instructions and nagging them? At least when I control and get what I want it is in a way that makes another person happy as well. Sure, if in the process of being hungry for something I may hurt some people, I apologize. Think about it, without me the fire and passion to ignite love, liveliness, loving oneself would be pretty difficult. My appeal makes you want to take care of yourself, look better and feel better.

PRIDE, ENVY, GLUTTONY and LUST are now looking to being a part of your life. They want to introduce you to the most temperamental and interesting personality WRATH. WRATH has a nickname—ANGER. A lot of people know WRATH as ANGER. WRATH is like a tornado swishing about it’s fury. WRATH, “I know it is absolutely difficult for people to see any good in me and they believe me to be a horrible monster which they never want to meet. I think I am highly misunderstood. It hurts my feelings when people do not wish to hear me, treat me right and kick me around a football. I have that people only treat me right when I bring out the fury. People leave me alone and do not take advantage of me because they fear me, they fear that I will look at things too deeply to catch their mistake and release all that volcanic lava on them. People may not respect me behind my back but then they treat me in high regards face to face which works for me. Honestly, if you have me around; you are bound to work the strings of your own life, you are going to boast of confidence(even though you may not feel so on the inside) and you will have an energy which will get you to prove things to people.”

Do I hear a little giggle in the background? Oh! that’s GREED. GREED always has this smirk on his face and enjoys being quiet but proving a point. “GREED, why do you always like the last laugh?’ GREED, “People always mock me and tell the others to stay away from me. That’s just impossible. I am a charmer and it is difficult to get away from me. I am ambitious and I always figure out how to get what I want. My ambition drives me to take certain risks, be spontaneous and challenge life in various ways. Without any excitement, life would be a monotonous routine which would drive you to your death pretty quickly, don’t you agree?”

GREED has a twin named SLOTH. Both of them are quite the opposite. While GREED is ambitious and charged up, SLOTH is laid back and relaxed. SLOTH, “I am really quite simple. In the process of being simple, I get criticized the most. I know how to relax and take my time with things. I do not get pressured by things around me. I work at my own pace and I am quite complacent. Think about it, if I am always gong to be in a hurry and do everything, what if something goes wrong? Instead, I spend sometime relaxing then I can view the consequences as well. After all, what are you guys running towards? Technically your death! Why you do so, you are just harassing yourselves by doing this and that. I am relaxing and sipping on some iced tea and flowing with life. It feels pretty wonderful. Give it a shot and you will like my style of living.”

These seven friends have interesting personalities. Just like any other personality they also have their pros and cons. Instead of viewing them as ‘sins’ how about picking up their good and adding a little pinch of it in your life?

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