Corporate Trainings

BBOL provides customizable trainings, evaluations and workshops by experts right in your office or at your preferred location (off site trainings).

Session Overview:

Our courses run from 2 hrs to 2 days. Locations include Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gangtok etc. Building Blocks of Life  offers skill development through uniquely designed games and activities; addressing the needs of adults as individuals and in group dynamics. Setting us apart and ahead of others in this field.Our local courses run in various locations in Bangalore. All we require is a minimum of 10 participants.



Who Can Attend:

Take Away's from Trainings:

These modules are suitable for all from freshers joining the company getting exposed to company values and building new skills to seasoned employees who can benefit for a reinforcement of beliefs and skills.

  • Alignment of values & perception with the company’s values.
  • Overcoming Biases
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Increasing productivity

Testimonials -

You all were excellent in your explanation of what are your goals and how to keep it alive, excellent use of jigsaw puzzle to drill down the point. Just in 3 mins exercise she was able to understand personality traits
The speakers were very effective and accurate. It was fun to experience and also got to learn.
Good fun and lively session. To look for different way to be creative and find balance. A good start after a long break.