Our Programs

Corporate Trainings

BBOL provides customizable trainings, evaluations and workshops by experts right in your office or at your preferred location (off site trainings).

Vitaan : Life Skill Games+ Books Library

You can know a person by the way he/she plays in one hour rather than speaking to them for one year! One of the most profound ways to understand and develop skills is through play.

Life-O-Graph : Personality Development

A combination of two scientific streams namely –Graphology and Guided Play-way- to develop strengths, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, decision making capabilities.

Parenting Partners

Every child born on this planet is born Genius. The child has maximum potential to be a Leonardo da Vinci or an Einstein or also create his/her own identity on the world.

Personal Counselling

Many people feel the need to talk to people around you. The feeling of having someone who can understand and equip to take independent decisions. When that need is not met from closed ones, a trained professional is required.

Dreams Fulfilled: Goal setting workshop

An annual program to set goals in areas of your Physical, Professional, Relationships, Health and Spiritual aspects of life. This program enables a person to balance all that he/she wants.

Personality Assessments

A complete personality assessments done to identify different aspects of the personality.

  • Emotional state of mind
  • The thinking patterns of the person
  • How the person learns
  • Time managements
  • Confidence and self belief levels
  • Relationships with people and self
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Future aspects
  • Signature analysis
  • Areas of improvements