Personality Assessments

The first step to success is to know yourself! The minute you know yourself you have the ability to change all that you want to. You can create a shift in the areas that are stopping you from moving forward in life.

Building Blocks of Life uses 2 very accurate and scientific modalities Graphology or Guided Play way or both sciences in combination  to assess each personality from the age of 5 years to 75 years! The sciences used are 100% accurate and customized as they tell you what the brain thinks and exactly the way how the internal aspects of the personality is portrayed!

Each client or company will have different aspects to be assessed. Building Blocks of Life accurately fits the requirement of each team, company or individual!

Some of the pointers that we assess are:

  • Emotional state of the mind
  • Thinking patterns of the person
  • Decision making abilities
  • Learning style of the person
  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem of the person
  • Communication patterns
  • Time management
  • Relationships with people and self
  • Strengths
  • Areas of Improvement
  • Future aspects and career path
  • Defense mechanisms
  • How the person portrays to the world outside

Who can be Assessed

  • School kids looking for personality development
  • Passing out kids looking for future prospects
  • College graduates looking for jobs
  • Companies looking for hiring new interns
  • Mid management for assessing different teams like marketing, sales, technical, administration, creative, finance
  • Hospitals for knowing the staff and selecting the right job profile
  • Banks for knowing the customers and how forgery can be eliminated
  • Post retirement direction
  • Couples wanting to know how compatible they are and how they can enhance the relationships

Your Key Take Aways

  • Knowing and understanding self
  • Employers knowing team
  • Employees getting a direction
  • Couples enhancing their relationship by understanding each other
  • Knowing your passions to live a successful life