Life-O-Graph: Personality Development


Life-O-Graph program is one of the kind program which is a combination of two scientific streams namely Graphology and Guided Play way to develop strengths, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, decision making capabilities and many more in individuals, groups and families enabling them to create a better life.

This combination is a customized version by Building Blocks of Life to create permanent, long lasting and behavioral changes in people who go through it!  

Session Overview:

The 90 minute session per week which is customized and aims to empower you to cope with day to day scenarios that are hindering progress in all areas of your life. Beyond the session the individual takes tasks and game to continue at home, which results in long lasting and permanent changes!

BBOL has been successfully conducting this program for over five years, empowering more than 1000 + adults and children from different walks of life (corporate, educational, founders, CEO’S ).

Who Can Attend:

Children from the age of 6 onwards to create a balance in emotional and mental intelligence.

All adults who are feeling stuck, stagnant, confuse in different areas of life like relationships, career, personal life, health and having a direction in life! and willing to create a permanent shift in their lives!


Key Take away's from

  • Discover your potential
  • Better understanding of self
  • Be in charge of life
  • Life skill development in children and adults
  • Creating foundation skills life confidence, thinking, reasoning, attention span, focus, memory, emotional development, logic, rationality, decision making and many more..
  • Making them ready to face the world 
  • Creating a permanent change in the personalities


When we started with the program we were a little sceptical on how handwriting can change the personality but we definitely saw a lot of positive changes in our own child and we are very happy… After my child even I did the program to create changes in my relationships and professional life! Thank you to both of you!
Head SAP labs
Thank you Ami and Manali. You are a good team and happy to spend time and professional help which I received.I am happy for myself as I have found answers to my confusion
Happy to spend time and professional help which I received. It has made me closer to my child and we now have a much improved relationship and my child is now very focused and performing very well in academics too!
Senior Manager