Philosophies behind Modalities

Play way method is a technique which allows the subconscious to come up while playing games. It gives an insight into the intricacies of the mind which gives a detailed picture of the person as a whole.

Play therapy is a form of counselling/psychotherapy that uses play to communicate with and support people, especially children, to prevent or resolve psycho social challenges. This is thought to create better social integration, growth and development, emotional modulation, and trauma resolution.

Play therapy can also be used as a tool of diagnosis. A play therapist observes a client playing with toys (play-houses, pets, dolls, games etc.) to determine the cause of the disturbed behavior. The objects and patterns of play, as well as the willingness to interact with the therapist, can be used to understand the underlying rationale for behavior both inside and outside of therapy session.

Play therapy enhances the stimulation to the whole brain in a channelized manner. Through this method we are able to categorically develop traits in the individual which are beneficial in the long run. This kind of method is used to deal with emotions, different behavior patterns and bring out potential in a positive and structured manner.

The benefits are multi­-fold. An individual can develop various intelligences, build concepts in a fun manner, build confidence, enhance strengths, rectify the behaviour by changing the way to play a particular way leading to introspection that stimulates the brain in all aspects for over-all growth.

One of the key principles to enhance personality during the Life-O-Graph program.

Graphology is the guiding principle for one of BBOL’s flagship program: Life-O-Graph. The program uses the principles of Graphology to make desired changes in the lives of individuals. 

Graphology is the study of handwriting and its analysis. An individual’s handwriting gives complete access to the subconscious mind which lets one know about the individual’s personality in detail. The subconscious mind creates 90% of reality and hence it is important for one to know their own subconscious.

Our in-house expert Manali Mehta, uses Graphotherapy, the scientific way to make changes in the handwriting to bring about positive, long lasting changes in one’s personality. It is an indirect way of changing the way the brain works by adding newer and stronger neuro-pathways which diminish the old patterns. The nerves of the fingers are directly connected to the brain; so when a person writes there are electro chemical signals which are transferred from the fingers to the brain and vice versa.

There are myriad of benefits of Graphotherapy. With proper guidance through Graphotherapy one’s weakness can be converted into strengths. Its useful in developing overall personality and can deal with health issues like chronic back pain, diabetes, thyroid, eye sight problems, blood pressure, etc.

Affirmations are nothing but positive statements that are repeatedly fed to the mind to foster positive thinking and self-empowerment. Due to the repetitiveness of these statements, the brain gets triggered in the direction of what the affirmation means and creates situations or circumstances that lead to success or failure.

Most people tend to use negative statements; words in relation to the situations they encounter in life and often wonder why undesirable situations, events keep showing up in their life.
When one knows how to use affirmations, it becomes a great tool for achieving success and for improving life.

There are two kinds of affirmations: healing affirmations and positive-thought affirmations. Healing affirmations are ones that work at the root level of any concerned issue to create a shift in the mind-frame to make a person feel better, complete and whole. Positive-thought affirmations are ones that an individual can use, at any point of the day, to feel upbeat, happy, enthusiastic. Results are visible and immediate when affirmations are absorbed into the regular routine.

At BBOL, we create specific affirmations as per the needs of the individual that makes it a power tool in achieving success and improving life. Affirmations are part of some other programs like Dreams Fulfilled, Persoanal Counselling,  offered at BBOL.

Many people feel the need to talk to a trained professional at some point in their lives. Talking to a counsellor helps at such times in comparison to friends or relatives who might be emotionally invested in the situation.

At BBOL, we give clients an open, non-judgmental place  to talk about their lives, feelings,issues openly. We follow a guided way while counselling as this enables the clients in expressing their disappointments, anger, hurt and other varied emotions in an effective way and work through them at the same time. Since we look at a problem as a whole, we follow a blend of different modalities like Play-way method, Redikall healing, Affirmations as and when required.

At BBOL, our counsellors’ offer personalized one-on-one counselling for children, adolescents, family, inter-personal problems, emotional trauma for all age groups. The time spent with each individual is a dedicated, personalized time to create a strong support system that allows the client to open up, explore options and come out strongly from the problems that were being faced.

Thoughts are the DNA of the universe. Every thought one has is a powerful force that has the capacity to change lives for the better or the worse. So when one is confused in thoughts, it tends to mess up with the body energies.

Keeping this principle in mind, healer Neeta Atman designed Redikall – a technique which guides in releasing any blocked energies in the body by correcting the corresponding thought. Redikall supports the person in understanding the basic thought process and how it affects life patterns, situations, health and thereby enabling one in improving life conditions by changing the thoughts.

This method is based on studying the effects of the thoughts on the body energy system. Thoughts create a corresponding emotion which in turn affects the body’s energy fields – also known as chakras. If a thought is held for a long period of time it can even create changes in the physical body or physical space.

Our experts, Manali Mehta and Ami Doshi diagnose the thought which is the root cause of the issue by detecting the chakra where there is energy disturbance and then heal it with an affirmation.

This method is especially beneficial for individuals who want answers to intriguing life questions, understand and improve relationships, develop effective communication and get an in depth clarity and direction into various facets of life.