Ami Doshi

Ami Doshi, the Founder of Building Blocks Of Life, wears many hats with élan; Play Therapist, Law of Attraction trainer, Parenting Coach, Counsellor, Graphologist& Grapho-Therapist, Redikall Healer, Life Skills Trainer to name a few..
She aims to know people and understand behavior of each person by the way they play a game. One the analysis is done, she supports individuals to change personality by changing the way a game is played through Guidance
Uses the technique of Law of Attraction to make people achieve goals in life at a practical level
Loves working with people 1:1 and in group to understand the issues and come to the root cause by the skills of Play Therapy,  Counselling and Redikall healing- an art of knowing the thoughts that are happening to the person
She has an experience of 13 years working with approximately 2500+ individuals from various backgrounds. She is an experiential trainer that creates hands –on results.
Each technique that she uses is to stimulate both sides of the brain that develops life skills, a strong foundation and a personality that is bent towards success.
Ami’s motto is to bring happiness in each family by loving and accepting each other.


Manali Mehta

Manali Mehta is a Counsellor and Therapist by profession applies various forms of therapies for bringing a positive transformation in people’s lives.

With more than 10+ years experience, she creates an environment that empowers one to be the leader of his/her own life.

A certified Handwriting Analyst, who uses the skill to get a deep insight into a person’s personality and brings out the best in all the areas. She also uses this tool to identify health issues and as a means to cure as well (Diabetes, Thyroid, Cysts, Fibroids, Blood Pressure, Spondylitis, Chronic Gastric issues, etc.).

Manali uses the powerful technique of Goal Setting to guide people in visualizing their maximum potential and how to achieve it all for a happy, successful life.
Expert in the field of Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnosis, Developmental Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Health Psychology she is able to reach the root cause, heal it and fix it permanently instead of just the superficial manifestations of the actual issue.

With the application of the science of NLP & Body Language she is able to easily relate and gain trust of clients making it very easy for them to open up.

Manali Mehta believes in working holistically at the Body, Mind and Soul level for a Happier living!


Harshitha Jain

She has completed M.B.B.S and currently pursuing her internship from The  Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital.

Exploring new places, new people, new skills is her passion which satisfies her curiosity as well. She likes reading, travelling and the list goes on.

At  BBOL, she works as an Evaluation expert and Health therapist.

She is a certified Graphologist and  a Graphotherapist. Essentially, She’s a doctor with “good” handwriting


Namita Baindoor

Namita Baindoor believes that being a jack-of-all-trades is a secret superpower! A graduate of Industrial Design, she is all about blurring the boundaries between art and science. She thinks of every individual as a work of art – deep and intricately layered. She uses the science of graphology to understand and analyse these layers and how they come together to ultimately influence a person’s behaviour.

She lives to eat and loves experimenting with different flavours. She looks at food as a blank canvas to express her artistic and creative ability in her baking business that she runs from home. She also takes up art commissions where she uses colour and art therapy to create impact in the buyer’s life. She loves travelling and exploring different cultures and places and believes that every trip you take changes you as person.

Jyoti Mehta

She is a Graphotherapist , Play therapist. She actively supports individuals for progressing in all areas of life.

 She loves learning and believes in being a life long student. She is passionate about  cooking, coloring mandalas and is a voracious reader.

Brahmika Suresh

She has just completed her Bachelors of Engineering in Biotechnology, which centered around food technology. 
She is a Graphologist, Graphotherapist and Playtherapist at Building Blocks of life .
She loves being amongst people especially children because they make her feel like the world is such a happy place!
She enjoys checking into lavish places .She often finds herself shaking a leg to good beats .
She believes that the world can be a better place by believing in the cycle of “healing and being healed “