Vitaan : Games and Books Library

You can know a person by the way he/she plays in one hour rather than speaking to them for one year! One of the most profound ways to understand and develop skills is through play.

Being able to navigate through life independently is an important skill. Children can learn life skills to deal with the various aspects of life like logical thinking, reasoning, team work, concentration, concept building, motor development.

Session Overview:

This program aims at teaching life skills to children in a fun and guided way.  Additionally the program is an excellent way for the parents to bond with their kids. With over 2500 books and games, the program is customized for children for developing different skills.  The program is based on the scientific principle of Guided Play way

The library contains games in different categories like eye-hand coordination, association and recognition, decision making, reasoning, physical games, family games, focus, memory, critical thinking, language, emotional intelligence, relationships, money management, time management, progressive thinking, logical thinking, confidence building, visionary games, number concepts, knowledge based games and much more!

Who can attend:

This is a monthly program where parents can exchange 8 games and 8 books per month as per the guidance by the play therapist

This library is suitable for kids and adults from the age of 0 years-60 years

The games are customized as per the skill to be developed, strengths to be enhanced, weakness to be rectified and more importantly having fun and creating a family bonding within all members!


Take away's from Vitaan:

  • Development of Multiple Intelligence & Life Skills in your children
  • Love for reading
  • Experiential learning through reinforcement of concepts
  • In Younger kids also helps develop hand and eye co-ordination
  • Enhancing strengths 
  • Developing skills for life
  • Exploring new ways of learning
  • Building Responsibility
  • Brings in variety for each person
  • No need to buy new games


Amazing collection of games..
Amazing set of well thought toys…keeps us hooked…my daughter looks forward to the new fun every week.
My child loves the games and books.. concept of building life skills is really good and effective.